Brand Developers Limited

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TV Shop offers a range of lifestyle and innovative products including health & fitness, home appliances, cleaning, toys and DIY, marketed through direct response television advertising and retail stores in New Zealand and Australia. TV Shop have been engaging with consumers through our distinctive video advertising for over 12 years, now proudly airing through all major broadcasters, across 6 dedicated 24hr channels and throughout online platforms. Our unique business model of product innovation, direct response advertising and multi-channel distribution gives us the speed, reach and flexibility to continue delivering the latest and greatest products direct to our customers.

All of our products have a unique story to tell and we create engaging and entertaining adverts to do just that.

We are continuously working on new creative and advert formats, updating and refining them based on our customers responses and feedback. We are now one of the largest television advertising purchasers in Australasia, investing in over 5000 ads every week.