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Downlights is an NZ owned &operated fragranced soy candle company that manufactures luxury candles using artisanal techniques. Lovingly hand poured by young adults with Down syndrome amongst other disabilities, the entire manufacturing process supports the development of a variety of workplace skills for them. The company’s tagline ‘illuminate-care-change’ personifies our dream to set an example for other employers in NZ by looking to ‘illuminate’ the way towards true equal opportunity; showing ‘care’ by supporting the wider community with fundraising efforts. We hope that one day, this will pave the way for ‘change’ that leads to inclusivity not only in today’s growing workforce, but society as a whole. 

The company was born from Illumina, a luxe candle company created in 2013 from Managing Director, Jennifer Del Bel’s passion to create the longest lasting luxe soy candles housed in distinctly unique vessels with exquisite packaging. Working with a fifth-generation award-winning French perfumer, she curated a full fragrance range of soy candles – 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, with no GMO’s, using wicks that had no lead or zinc in them.

Today, Illumina & Downlight’s have merged to become Downlights Ltd, proudly FWD certified as a Social Enterprise providing buyers with confidence that our products deliver positive social impact through our workplace training programmes.