Genie in a Jar Ltd

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Genie in a  Jar is a completely natural skin care product made in NZ. It comprises of just 2 products (a Body Scrub and a Moisturiser,) and used together they are capable of repairing hard working hands (farmers, gardeners, tradesmen, Nurses, Hairdressers, mothers or anyone who works with their hands. The scrub exfoliates off any dead and dry skin, opens the pores and allows the 6 essential oils get into your skin where it leaves a water proof barrier that will last all day. Its not a girly flowery smell so men love using it too. It will remove the smell of onions, garlic and even fish bait form your hands. Not just for hands, you can use it on any part of your body. On your feet it can, and does, repair cracked heels and alleviates foot odour and athlete’s foot as well. It can be used on any part of your body from head (even in your hair and scalp) to toe.

Many of my customers use it for the soothing relief and control of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. The moisturiser is specially blended to work with the scrub for the best results. It smells the same, but now the oils are in a nice light, breathable base. You only use one product at a time, not one after the other. The moisturiser is also a great insect repellant and is cooling and soothing on razor burn, sun burn and itchy bites. You can check out the Genie’s website or better still. Come along and try the product for free on your hands to feel the amazing results in just one treatment!