Halo Coffee Capsules

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Halo Coffee Capsules are the World’s first home compostable Nespresso compatible coffee capsules. They’ve only been available in New Zealand since October 2019.

All the capsules and packaging, including the cellophane wrap, can go into the home compost, or even dig it straight into the garden.

We go direct to the coffee farmers to purchase the coffee so they earn more money from selling their coffee directly to us.

As well as being home compostable, we also aim to get as close to a circular economy as possible. The capsules are made from paper and sugar cane pulp. The paper is recycled, and the sugar cane pulp is the waste by-product from sugar manufacturing of sustainable sugar cane. All our packaging uses recycled materials, earth friendly inks, and is designed to be as minimal as possible to reduce our environmental impact.

The UK government used our capsules as an example of what manufacturers could be doing if they put the environment ahead of profit or cost.

The existing capsule manufacturing technology couldn’t make the new earth friendly capsules, so after a lot of research and development, a new machine was created. The new capsules needed a lot of testing with various coffees to ensure the flavours worked well with the materials. This has resulted in low acidity coffees that taste amazing and also don’t curdle when using plant milks.