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Lets Talk! Mortgages & Insurance – loving what we do.  Mortgages for everyone – no matter where you are on the ladder.  Insurance – thats Life, Income cover, Trauma and medical – its all about your Plan B!

Im Sarah – Lets Talks! business owner for nearly 5 years and winner of numerous awards but you know what? Its about you.  I love hearing stories of where people are at, and making a difference.  How do you get your 1st home?  how do you get your 1st Investment Property?  Then how does Insurance work Sarah – Im asked?  Im never asked why..  Think if something was to happen – what would I want for those left behind?  or if I couldn’t work due to illness or injury what would I do – this is your Plan B – specifically for you.  Not cookie cutter.  Its all about you – your job type, your income and age.  Then together we work out what you truly need.

Last year 2 huge awards across NZ – a bit write up in a magazine and lastly but so so awesome – I became MDRT.  Whats that?  Million Dollar Round Table – the top 5% of advisers in the world and only approx 80 in NZ – definitely recognotion, I know and love what I do across Mortgages & Insurance. So connect with us, on the stand.  Id love to hear your story – where are you at, and how do we get you to the next steps.  I look forward to it!  Lets Talk!