NZhomeloans Auckland Central

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New Zealand Home Loans and Insurance is a NZ owned company that provides Mortgage and Insurance services after more than 20 years in business, we are still on teh journey to help Kiwis become debt free faster and to ensure they are protected from lifes wobbles. We  believe that every Kiwi deserves to be debt free, so we have created a unique system that combines – a structured home loan to reduce the interest you pay, our online debtnav software, tailored to each client that allows you to monitor and forecast your spending and what impact it has on your home loan and a consultant who will support you along the way. Our rates are the same if not more competitive than other banks, and we don’t charge ongoing consultancy fees or fees for Debt Nav. With our insurances we provide reviews on your life, mortgage protection, income protection and critical illness protection along with health coverage and challenge what you have to ensure you are aware of how your solutions work.

Its not the rate you pay, its the rate you pay it off. Become financially well with NZ Home Loans (NZHL)