Ozone Coffee x Goose Boards

P: 0274516644
E: hello@ozonecoffee.co.nz
W: https://ozonecoffee.co.nz/people/goose-boards-2/?v=8e3eb2c69a18

Goose Boards was started in 2016 by a couple of dreamers – Ryan Thorpe, a designer and photographer, and Jared Diprose, an artisan and maker of almost all things. These two creative friends were inspired by the potential they saw in each other and wanted to develop their creative potential as a duo. They landed on creating upcycled, handmade cruiser skateboards – Goose Boards.

We met these two amazing humans when we first landed at our new Auckland home. We were new in town and wanted to connect with like-minded people in our new community, so we gave the Goose Boards guys a call and asked them over for coffee. Well – they had us at hello. Their creativity, craftsmanship, sustainable mindset and general attitude to life blew us away. After a few yarns we made friends, set a mutual goal to collab on some sweet projects together and KKKAAAAbaamm! We’re pretty pumped to report that we have successfully created an epic Ozone x Goose Boards portable Pump Track! Launched at Westmoreland in November, the Pump Track will be travelling around the country this summer, so get ready to #pumpthejam New Zealand!