Springfree Trampoline

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Committed to Families

We believe your backyard should be a place for safe play. Our innovative design is the world’s safest, highest quality and longest lasting trampoline supported by a full 10-year warranty.

Dr. Keith Alexander is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury, in Christchurch, New Zealand. Over 20 years ago, this father of 3 decided to build a safer trampoline for his family.

Most Awarded Trampoline

Our commitment to safety, quality and innovation is the most recognized in the industry.

What Makes Springfree Safe?

SoftEdge™ Mat

30 times more shock absorbent than pads, the SoftEdge mat eliminates hard edges at the jumping surface.

Hidden Frame

The frame has three layers of rust protection that won’t flake or peel. Plus, it’s hidden below the jumping surface where it’s impossible to fall on.

Flexible Net

Our flexible safety enclosure cushions jumpers and prevents falls to the ground. Flexible net rods remove the need for hard metal poles that can cause injury.

No Springs

We use flexible composite rods instead of springs, which lie beneath the trampoline jumping surface out of harm’s way.