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Vegepods make growing your own vegetables and herbs at home easy and successful with their unique self-watering system and protective mesh canopies. Vegepods are designed for everyone of any age, whether you are a beginner or an experienced vegetable grower.  They are great for people who forget to water their gardens or go away on holiday and come back with nothing to eat. The water reservoirs under the soil will feed your garden for up to 4 weeks, meaning you can be quite neglectful and still produce an abundance of food. The covers protect from bugs and animals getting into your veges before you do and keep out the weeds creating a low maintenance system. The avid gardener also loves the Vegepod, particularly the covers greenhouse microclimate that accelerates growth all year round, and extends growing seasons of their favourite produce. Just fill the Vegepod with a premium quality vegetable or potting mix and you have 30cm of depth for root veges to be grown as well as all your leafy greens, tomatoes and strawberry’s. The stands and wheel trolleys available are a great option if you want your garden up at waist height to eliminate bending over. Vegepods come in various sizes to suit any space or amount of food you want to grow.  The smaller sizes are perfect for balconies, apartments and retirement villages, whereas the larger sizes are ideal for decks, backyards, rural properties and families